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Trailhead Packable Daypack

According to a recent study, the #1 career regret in the U.S. is not using all of one's vacation days. We've been there, done that – and we know it's especially hard to avoid when you are responsible for other people!

Also, did you know that the average American spends 93% of his or her life indoors?

Let's change that!

If you've ever risked reaching burnout or you've actually reached burnout, it's important for you to decide... to rest, relax, and recharge... to reflect on your life... to enjoy the fruits of your labor... to build a stronger bond with the people you love.

What's worked really well for us is getting outdoors. And we think it will work for you, too.

We've designed this daypack to be worn by both men & women, that's Angela at 5'4" and medium build.
Trailhead Packable Daypack

Sounds corny, we know, but reflecting on our lives and enjoying the fruits of our labor have made such a difference in our lives that we even designed a packable daypack we now call "Trailhead" to make it even easier for us (and you!) to just grab that time off and enjoy it. We named it Trailhead, because our hope is that it will help you begin many new adventures.

Warning – Regular outdoor down time has some side effects: it will make you more creative AND productive! Not to mention, more LOVABLE!

But don't wait until you hit total burnout to take your Trailhead Packable Daypack and go on an adventure. The key is to do it on a regular basis.

You've worked so hard, you deserve it!

That's Shawn wearing it this time. It has up to 28L capacity (Dimensions: H 18" x W 12" x D 8"). He is 5'10" and medium build.
Trailhead Packable Daypack


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Our products are not tested on animals.
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The Trailhead Packable Daypack stows away in its built-in bottom pocket.

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The Trailhead went with me to Europe and really has turned into my go to daypack
(it is in my car ready to go all the time)
— Jeff Dillavou, Organizer, Colorado Springs Adventures,
Colorado Backpackers (and Campers), & Colorado Tent Campers